Mally Hams Hamstery

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The Mally hams all want to welcome you to their site

Mally Hams hamstery is based in Cornwall and was formally known as Brimblebee hamstery. I started out with breeding Campbells and have now ventured into breeding Syrians, concentrating on chocolates and recessive dappled as well as some Winter Whites.

I am breeding to develop my show hamsters and I am a member of the Midland and southern hamster clubs and try to attend shows in both the Midlands and in the South and have recently got my prefix. I am currently working on normal campbells and rust, black and chocolate recessive dappled Syrians. I also have a little fun sparkly campbell line starting.

I hope to spread the word a little about hobbyist breeders and the benefits of sourcing a good pedigree hamster. I am gaining more knowledge and experience now and have a few litters planned for 2016. Campbells are my passion and I have a new found love for Syrians, having my first Syrian litter in August 2014.